It is a time of darkness and peril. A world that was once one struggles to survive. A world bound by war. At a cataclysmic state, a civil war is stirring. Sending and destroying those that will devour civilization. The four elements, strive for dominance upon the world. The kings and Queens of these elements are bound by war and conquest:

  1. Fyredor: Ruler of fire and its force.
  2. Abortira: Ruler of earth and its strength.
  3. Aquari: Ruler of water and its knowledge.
  4. Skizoth: Ruler of wind and its freedom

This world is clinging to its last strain of hope. Hellwing has emerged from the Forbidden Realms.

Hi im looking for someone to play in my campaign for D&D, my personal requirement is for you to live in the Ashland-Medford area. See the adventure log for details

Elemental Crusade